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We Can Approve You...Fast!

Tired of getting turned down? Need a second chance? Need a reliable car but have credit challenges? McLarty Daniel Ford in Bentonville CAN HELP!

At McLarty Daniel Ford in Bentonville, we can approve you for a loan, NO MATTER WHAT your credit looks like!   Plus, you get the benefit of working with a reputable car dealer that you can trust. 

Divorce?  - Approved!
Repossession? - Approved!
Bankruptcy? - Approved!
No Credit? - Approved!

Whatever your credit, YOU ARE APPROVED with our Guaranteed Acceptance Program!
Through a partnership with Credit Acceptance Corporation, McLarty Daniel Ford in Bentonville is able to approve anyone, regardless of credit history. The process starts with the patented Credit Approval Processing System, also known as CAPS. We will submit the required information to CAPS, and an approval will be returned within 30 seconds.

Information Needed for Submission to CAPS:
  • Proof of Income (paystub, cancelled checks, bank statement?)
  • Proof of Residence (utility bill, mailed bank statement, cell phone bill?)
  • 5 Personal References (name, address, phone number)
  • Proof of Insurance

Next, we will discuss your individual needs and budget, then find the best vehicle for you based on our analysis. Once we match the right vehicle for you and your needs, we finish the paperwork, and you are off in your new vehicle.

"But I am self-employed?can I still be approved?"

Yes, you can! In fact, if you are self-employed, unemployed, receive only tips as income, or receive only social security or child support benefits, you could still be approved! Just bring in the proper documentation and we'll get you in a vehicle.

Not just a car loan, but a life changing opportunity!

McLarty Daniel Ford Bentonville not only wants to work with you to get you in a quality vehicle, but to also help repair your credit-we want to change your life!

Having a good credit score is an important step on your way to financial freedom. It also allows the chance at better interest rates, special pricing, and home loans! The bank we use reports to all three credit bureaus, so if you make your monthly payments on time, your credit will have no choice but to go up!  We want you to take this opportunity to build or repair your credit, and then use it as a stepping stone to move on to bigger and better things in your life!



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